I was told I have to get more than one estimate, is this true?

No!  No law requires you to get more than one estimate.   It is your vehicle and you have the right to have it repaired where you choose.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we guarantee our repairs as long you own your vehicle.

What insurance companies do you work with?

We work with all insurance companies.

What happens if you find additional damage once repairs have been started?

If additional damage is found, we will inform you or your insurance company of the supplemental damage.  After receiving authorization, we will continue repairs.

What if my car is not driveable?

Call a towing company and tell them you want it towed to White’s Auto Body!

Do you offer rental/loaner cars?

Not at this time, but we will be happy to arrange one for you and have it waiting for you at the door when dropping off your car for repairs.

The person who hit my car is uninsured. What do I do?

You can choose to pay for the repairs yourself, or go through your insurance company.  Your insurance agent can help with this decision.

Do I need a police report to have my car repaired?

No, but your insurance company may require it.  Call your agent for details.

I damaged another person’s vehicle. Do I have to pay a deductible to have their car repaired?

No.  You only pay a deductible on your vehicle’s repairs.  Your insurance will take care of the other party’s repairs.

What kind of cars do you repair?

We repair both foreign & domestic models, from small chips to the most complex repairs, even motor homes & fleet vehicles.

Can you match the factory finish color?

Absolutely.  We use a state-of-the-art camera and computer system to match your finish perfectly.  We guarantee our color match.

Can I get other repairs done on my vehicle while it is in your facility?

Yes.  See our ADDITIONAL SERVICES page for the extra services we provide and let us know what services you would like to add.

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